The Champaign County Animal Welfare League, Inc. is a non profit organization.  Like most not for profit rescues we rely on donations and grants to sustain our day to day expenses.  Although we were BLESSED to have been created by a substantial donation made by Mr. Wetzell. we need the support of our friends and members to continue in our efforts to provide a safe haven for the lost, abandoned, abused and neglected animals of not only Champaign County but any animal in need.   The CCAWL is effectively decreasing the over population of cats feral and otherwise by providing a LOW COST Sterilization Clinic to any/all individuals who want to participate.  In 2016 alone we the CCAWL provided free sterilizations to over 1,000 cats/kittens in the Champaign County area.  These TNR's were done by the staff and Volunteers at CCAWL and were not only trapped but also Vetted and released by the Champaign County Animal Welfare League's TNR Task Force Team.  Every cat/kitten was sterilized, vaccinated, wormed and treated with flea prevention which treated ear mites as well.  This was at NO COST to any individuals or businesses.  The CCAWL is continuing the efforts by providing a $30 TNR STERILIZATION to everyone.  So far in 2017 we have exceeded the 1,000 mark set in 2016.  We have also seen a definate decrease in the kitten population from last year.  We plan to continue providing this LOW COST TNR and are hoping to also receive funding via grants and donations to provide this service in the coming year. 
The Champaign County Animal Welfare League hopes to add to our 72 acre Campus a "Kitty City", Inground Pool, Cemetary, several garden areas and picnic areas along with fencing in a large outdoor park area with a Shelter house included. 
The CCAWL also would like to expand our "Petting Zoo" fencing and area to accomodate our donated fowl and other furry friends.  The 72 Acre Campus has quite a few trails and we hope to increase the number of trails and clear a nice path to both of our large ponds located in the back of our property.  With the wonderful foliage and wildlife we would also like to provide Bird Watching and exploring to our available activities.

The CCAWL plans to also have a day camp beginning in Spring of 2019.  This would be open to any age appropriate children and their dog.  The Day Camp would teach these kids dog safety, grooming, basic pet manners along with some fun activities such as "fun-gility" and barn hunt.  Kids are our future generation of Pet Owners and we need to teach them proper care and control with their animals.  More information can be provided by visiting the CCAWL or calling  937-834-5236. 
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