Help Animals
Monetary Donations

The Champaign County Animal Welfare League (CCAWL) is a non-profit, no kill 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the care, rehabilitation, and adoption of domestic animals.


  • Remove animals from homeless situations
  • Provide medical care and rehabilitation as neccessary
  • Place animals in secure adoptive homes
  • Provide affordable vaccine & spay/neuter services
  • Provide resources for stray & feral cats and
  • Sustain a Petfood Bank for those pets in need
Needed Items

Those who can do, do;
Those who cannot do, donate.
(and then there are those who do both)

Bleach (not concentrated), Paper Towels, Toliet Paper, Lysol  Cleaner,  Baby Wipes, Bottled Water,  Scoopable Cat Litter,  8 1/2 x 11 copy paper,  Dry Erase Markers, Kurunda Beds, Blankets and Sheets, Towels, Treats for Dogs & Cats, Canned Dog/Cat food, Dry Dog & Cat food, Hand Sanitizer, Dial Antibacterial Soap, Trash Bags 13 Gallon and 30 Gallon, Leashes & Collars, Toys both Dog & Cat.
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