K9 C.O.P

K9 C.O.P (Creating an Obstacle Perimeter)
The CCAWL is raising funds to Fence in an Agility, Training Course for our K9 Police and Military Working Dogs.

SpikesK9 Fund

 SpikesK9 Fund is an amazing Organization that provides K9 Vest to Police and Military Working Dogs.  This Organization also tries to help with Medical Treatments and Care for Injured K9 Working dogs.
This Agility, Training Area will provide a Safe, Secure Obstacle Course for any/all K9 Police and Military Working Dogs to train, practice and perform.
The Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters has committed to building and providing all the Obstacles needed for the new Training Agility Course.
Showing Support for our K9 Officers and K9 Military Working Dogs & Handlers
Show your support for the K9 Police and Military Working Dogs and their Handlers by donating to our K9 C.O.P  FUND.  This Fund is to provide a SAFE & SECURE Training and Working Area for our K9's.  This course will be constructed on the Campus of the Champaign County Animal Welfare League located at 3858 State Route 56, Mechanicsburg, Ohio.. Currently there is no location within several hours that our K9 Units can Train, Work and Exercise their Dogs.  Teaming up with SpikesK9 Fund we  are planning to construct an ample Course for our local and visiting Working Dogs.  Through the gracious donation and efforts of the Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio Council of Carpenters all obstacles will be provided and constructed.  We are needing the funds to fence in this training and Agility area.  The cost to Fence this area is a little over $13,000.00  With your help we can make this happen!!